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06.05.2013, 19:55

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- Fixed Gamelist patch

- Added Winning Streak

- Added Losing Streak

- Added Games with 0 deaths on user stats page

- Fixed user game history (somtimes display the wrong winner).

- Added 2 language packs: German (translated by: ICanHasGrief) and Serbian

- Added User Line Chart Stats plugin (Allows you to view the history of games for players as a timeline). Example.

- Added option to choose the session name in admin panel for each OS site separately (useful if you have multiple sites).

- Added search field in Bootstrap template.

- Fixed "Player Comparsion".

Comments (22)

  1. * ivan , 16.05.2013, 10:27
    I was thinking...
    I thought that if a player leaves the game, and then what his team lose to gain more negative points, but if he wins less.
    I might change updates, so the win/lose does not count when a player leaves the game before the end of the game.
  2. * ivan , 16.05.2013, 09:51
    It's not a bug. That player left the game (-10 points), but also his team wins (so he get -5 points instead of -10). Or if he left the game and lose the game, then he will get -10 (or -13 can't remember: -10 for leaving and -3 because his team lose the game).
    Means: he left the game, but also get +1 on Wins (+5 points) and -10 because he left.
    To display in way you want, you need to remove wins when he left the game, remove points etc. But then you will have wrong WINNER in user history. It's a little tricky...
  3. * danxf , 16.05.2013, 01:39
    Someone can help me here?
    This player bhlteam.com.br/ has some bug in his score
    if you count, you will see that 5 points is missing
  4. * ivan , 13.05.2013, 19:11
    fix for bootstrap template - open plugin user_line_chart.php find:
    $(function () {
    add after:
  5. * utunes , 13.05.2013, 17:31
    Ohhh my god! User Line Chart Stats plugin don`t work on Bootstrap template smiley . I tryed it on blogger template and thats`all right. But in bootstrap - . Have you skype/mail Ivan? smiley
  6. * utunes , 13.05.2013, 17:16
    Ivan do you know russian ?)
  7. * danxf , 13.05.2013, 01:08
    Ivan, i am having some problems with comments and special caracters, as you said before i change to enable "enter", but other caracters still undefined.
    My language is Portugues(Brazilian)
  8. * ivan , 12.05.2013, 17:59
    because the template made since the last version. smiley
  9. * utunes , 12.05.2013, 16:24
    New template?) Why you did not include it in
  10. * ivan , 10.05.2013, 17:12
    @danxf, when you update stats, icons will show up. You need to add players via OpenStats on safelist. If you add via bot, then you need to wait for stats update.
  11. * danxf , 10.05.2013, 11:03
    Hi again,
    I noted that when player stats are update, safelist icon dissapear from safelisted players.
    Somebody has noted this too?
  12. * ivan , 09.05.2013, 02:37
    Open inc/pages/home_page.php find:
    $CommentsData[$c]["text"] = html_entity_decode( $CommentsData[$c]["text"] );
    add after:
    $CommentsData[$c]["text"] = convEnt($CommentsData[$c]["text"]);
  13. * danxf , 09.05.2013, 01:43
    I have a doubt about comments, everytime he put a "enter" comments are post wrong with caracters like "&as%". Is possible to enable "enter" ?
  14. * utunes , 08.05.2013, 11:20
    Thank you Ivan. Thank for you work, for you responsiveness. People say thank to this Great Man and applaud him! =)
  15. * ivan , 08.05.2013, 07:34
    download updated version.
    Stats update working fine, but you must install fresh OS (update database structure).
  16. * danxf , 08.05.2013, 05:13
    Bug Report, update_stats.php in doesn't work, i replace for
    update_stats.php in and work fine again.
  17. * danxf , 08.05.2013, 03:28
    Hi again,
    bhlteam.com.br/ />Look to some comments:
    Só uma duvida " VIP " entra na room full ?
    ou so GM msm !
    How can i fix this?
  18. * ivan , 07.05.2013, 09:54
    Version updated (fixed Boostrap template, SE flag icon and updated German language pack).
  19. * icanhasgrief , 07.05.2013, 08:33
    Well this should affect your loafingtime, since: in Page generated in: 0.0197 sec. .
    Your page is also loaded under 0.1 sec O_o
  20. * danxf , 07.05.2013, 07:32
    I fix the replay name bug with uak patch.
    Are there some config in apache or php or mysql to increase pages loading speed?
    When the data hits like 2000 games or more, the page loading go too slower...
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