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New Project - OpenHosting

Recently ICanHasGrief and I started work on a new project - OpenHosting. 

For this project I made a new template (screenshot)


OpenHosting is now a major modification of the official GHost++ source.

Modification has many more options like:

  • GameList-Patch ( patch by uakf.b )
  • Update statistics directly from the bot
  • Commands through MySQL ( patch by uakf.b )
  • View current games live
  • Crossover chat (send messages directly from the website)
  • Detailed player statistics on the website ( php script OpenStats )



LiveGames Demohttp://ohsystem.net/stats/?live_games



Comments (28)

  1. * utunes , 23.06.2013, 14:44
    Icanhasgrief, i always suprise .... In bootstrap ivan didn`t use alerts, glypicons and etc.. So i want to add template and it will be beautifull template... I wish =) ..
  2. * icanhasgrief , 23.06.2013, 07:30
    Still dont get the point why you doing this manually...
    Ivan created an easy way to add new templates simple and fast:
    aozora.github.io/bootmetro/… />Just as e.g., download and match some smart things and it is done.
  3. * utunes , 22.06.2013, 20:20
  4. * icanhasgrief , 11.06.2013, 20:50
    @utunes, and on the next commit there will follow really alot smiley
  5. * utunes , 11.06.2013, 20:19
    @icanhasgrief, Ok, because when i look cod of !reg i don`t understand something... There is so much code!
  6. * icanhasgrief , 10.06.2013, 20:40
    @utunes, there is no patch file.
    On the next bot update the code will be a bit more improved.
  7. * utunes , 10.06.2013, 15:41
    @ICanHasGrief can you give patch command !reg. Because I use GhostOne and I created same command !register and it have bug
  8. * icanhasgrief , 07.06.2013, 07:00
    @Rise Cako Plusplus, as I said many players keep their name. Just a view guys like: changing frequently the nickname. This would be a reason to ban the ip range, but probably it would include that we ban 64.999 more possible players. So always check the subnet for other players.
  9. * Rise Cako Plusplus 07.06.2013, 04:54
    @ivan, @ icanhasgrief, I just want to clarify what he want to explain. It may be useful when it come fighting dynamic IP and want to create very "strict" gaming environment.
    However I agree with both of you when it come to numbers of players. Yup. Totally true. smiley
  10. * icanhasgrief , 06.06.2013, 23:28
    This does already help a lot.
    Vs the other guys who frequently change their subnet & name theire will be an option to ban IPranges, this is an option for rootadmins only and we can not recommended to use it if you dont know what you are doing with it. Myself i have currently 5 banned ip ranges, before i dropped them on the firewall (but also not a recommended solution).
    On the next update we will have basic changes but the ip ranges will be added later.
  11. * icanhasgrief , 06.06.2013, 23:23
    Well if im not totally wrong, i remember a guy who wanted to ban mac adresses (on codelain.com) it is possible but really complexe.
    And yea as Ivan said, it will dramatically reduce the users & it would be to much modifications & to much time we would waste on this.The most people like to hold their names, on the opposite we have the guys who dont care the names and always refreshing their name&ip.
    In general (i have one of the best running hostingbots currently on the bnet) the most users dont want to change their nick and want to keep their names. I just added already that users are on crossrealms banned, we dont care of servers anymore.
  12. * ivan , 06.06.2013, 18:19
    @Rise Cako Plusplus,
    I already wrote the answer, but how do you think to get the players MAC address? There must be a system to recognize network card, and it is impossible to over bot (maybe with GProxy++, but it is not a solution). Also, all this would drastically reduce the number of players.
  13. * Rise Cako Plusplus 06.06.2013, 17:11
    @icanhasgrief, What @utunes trying to tell is limiting user account based on their network card. So 1 network card = 1 user, so no multiple account.
  14. * icanhasgrief , 04.06.2013, 15:38
    @Evencelance, you can use the svn.
    Probably i cant recommended currently to use it since there some missing things and it isnt optimized yet. We creating currently the basic smiley
  15. * Evencelance , 04.06.2013, 13:09
    Sorry how to download this ?
  16. * utunes , 02.06.2013, 11:11
    No.. Only Enthernet card from concrete provider!
  17. * ivan , 01.06.2013, 21:59
    @utunes, what if someone wants to access from another computer (different Ethernet adapter).
    After all, there is no ID and password for the Ethernet adapter, but MAC address.
  18. * icanhasgrief , 01.06.2013, 21:34
    @utunes, im still not sure what you are trying to say.
    But there is already a function for lan admins, can be en/disabled.
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