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OpenStats 4.0

16.05.2013, 11:39

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OpenStats 4.0

Some modifications were done, now there is no conflict with javascripts (JQuery).  

Also, updating statistics changed.

- For a draw games: leaving before the end of the game, wins and loses not counting anymore.

- Added choose language options on profile page.

- Fixed special character encoding for comments.

- Added Theme Config Options for "AXE" theme.

- On Single User stats page it is possible to click on Hero icon to display only hero user game history.

- "Leaver" icon will be displayed next to the game name on single user page (if a player left the game before the end of the game).

- Added chart statistics (plugin) for K/D/A on single game page (example)

Comments (37)

  1. * icanhasgrief , 30.05.2013, 07:15
    @danxf, Seems like you modified or changed something on your update_stats-file.
    Replace the file with a fresh downloaded file from OS.
  2. * danxf , 29.05.2013, 18:54
    Update All Stats stop working:
  3. * DJexpert , 28.05.2013, 23:47
    Thank you Ivan. Now Works correctly smiley.
  4. * ivan , 28.05.2013, 15:07
    Tested on all popular browsers and axe theme works fine. Only in older/outdated browsers (IE6) image is shifted to the left.
    Advanced options for this theme can be set in /axe/function.php (at end)
    min_width, min_height, vertical_center, horizontal_center, fit_portrait, fit_landscape
  5. * DJexpert , 28.05.2013, 14:11
    In appearance Axe background images are stretched, how to fix?
    Internet Explorer: Works correctly
    Google Chrome: Does not work correctly
    Mozilla Firefox: Does not work correctly
  6. * DJexpert , 28.05.2013, 13:10
    Hi Ivan,
    How to do that in appearance Axe, were stretched background images.
    Sorry no blurry, but stretched.
  7. * DJexpert , 28.05.2013, 13:09
    Hi Ivan,
    How to do that in appearance Axe, not blurry background images.
  8. * AlienNoob , 26.05.2013, 18:16
    Until recently I did not even know about this script. Thanks a lot, works like clockwork. smiley smiley
  9. * utunes , 19.05.2013, 11:43
    @CentralDota, ++++ . Yes it is bug. Please fix it
  10. * CentralDota , 19.05.2013, 06:30
    @icanhasgrief, yes
  11. * sajad , 18.05.2013, 16:04
    where is download link ?
  12. * icanhasgrief , 18.05.2013, 09:04
    @CentralDota, does your mapname include anywhere 'dota' ?
  13. * CentralDota , 18.05.2013, 06:29
    I found a bug, when I click Update ALL the page does not load and the statistics are not updated. smiley
  14. * icanhasgrief , 17.05.2013, 23:59
    @utunes, dont worry, im working already since some weeks with ivan. And this is a easy thing to add smiley He send me already detalied informations about it, and i think we can easily integrate it with many valuse (username/mailadress[check if valied or token]/password/realm. Interesting would be some kind of adding also a field like 'lastgame' and the way to verify an account on OS which belong to someone smiley
  15. * utunes , 17.05.2013, 19:04
    Ivan you want registration via bnet =)
  16. * ivan , 17.05.2013, 13:44
    it is possible to do something like this, but I do not know how it would be useful. The whole registration process would be done through bot. There would be "trusted" users (register via bot) and regular users (registered on website).
    For example, to register a user, he needs to type in the channel something like: !reg PASSWORD and user with bnet name will be registered (if not exists in database) on website with PASSWORD. Then he need to go on website and confirm email address. Or may type !reg EMAIL PASSWORD.
    Such users will have bnet icon and be marked as "trusted member" or something like that. It's just an idea.
  17. * utunes , 17.05.2013, 12:49
    @icanhasgrief, ))) Yes . We can use our bnet Pass and login. But then users will not register , because if we "combine" our bnet and bot in one database, then we need not register. Because our accounts automatically wil-be created still registration on pvpgn. we must . We must test this Idea and find bad and good sides of it
  18. * icanhasgrief , 17.05.2013, 12:16
    * on another realm
  19. * icanhasgrief , 17.05.2013, 12:11
    @utunes, If you modified your bot for this, then you can ask me once again and i can create a script for you smiley
    Btw a good thing ivan, we should note that, what about a register possibilty via bnet and password input that no one else can play with this account on another account? Only if a player want so ofc :P
  20. * utunes , 17.05.2013, 11:49
    Their iD* sorry
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